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Welcome to Handmade collection, the best place to buy fine traditional and innovative handicrafts from Nepal, the sprit of Nepal. Check-out the finest and comprehensive collection of decorative and useful Nepali crafts. Our products are totally hand crafted, natural and obtained directly from the artisans. Hence you are assured to get authentic and unique collection of art works and handicrafts at unbelievable prices. Use our products to add style and color to your home, gardens, wardrobe or simply gift someone as our products make great gifts.
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Lapis mala
Product Code: MA05
Medium Blue natural, undyed quality light 8mm Denim Lapis Lazuli Mala, with calcite.
Himalayan incense
Product Code: IN08
Himalayan incense is a mixture of high herbs like: Shukpa, Red sandlewood, Red sandlewood, Pangpai, Agru, Aru, Baru, Churu, Sunpati, etc.
Product Code: WH11
It is also told that Chhepu disappeared from the world as he did not want to see the Kaliyuga, the great yuga, when evil would completely triumph over good and the world would be destroyed by Vishnu in his incarnation as Kalki, the destroyer